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Apr 11

Too Much Free Time + Minecraft = Castlevania?

Say what you will about Minecraft. Some people love it, others not so much. But one good thing that always is good to see in games like this is the mod-ability of them. Being able to make all sorts of changes behind the scenes to a game is something that is most definitely missing in …

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Feb 28

WesM Finishes His SNES PC Build Project. Congrats!

If you’ve followed along on Gamer-Tech in the past year, you’ll notice that we posted some information about a gentleman named WesM, who liked to tinker with PC builds inside such gear as a NES, followed up with a SNES. Well, we posted part one of his SNES PC build project, and then things just …

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Feb 23

Check Out The Borderlands 2 Launch Date Trailer

After enjoying the original Borderlands title pretty thoroughly, I was certainly looking forward to seeing if Gearbox was going to get themselves together for a sequel. Well, that wait has come and gone, with the Gearbox folks pumping out this trailer showing off a bit of a tease of the upcoming title. Even though we’ll …

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Feb 14

Check Out The New PS Vita Commercial

With the advent of Sony’s newest handheld, the PS Vita, launching right around the corner on February 22nd, you HAD to know that the commercials would be coming. The funny thing about the whole situation is that I sometimes like the commercials for than the actual product itself. That speaks volumes for the effort these …

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Jan 24

New Darksiders 2 Trailer Detailing More On Death’s History

If you’ve been following along on Gamer-Tech, you’re probably aware that we’re fans of the original Darksiders title, and certainly are looking forward to the upcoming sequel. If you’re not familiar with the series, the original Darksiders title had players assuming the mantle of the horseman “War”, in an attempt to discern why the apocalypse …

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Jan 01

Oh, Skyrim….How I Love It When You’re Un-necessarily Censored. :)

I remember watching stuff like this on TV, usually from the Jimmy Kimmel late night talk show. It is pretty amusing when a random bit of un-necessary censorship can change the entire meaning of what someone said. Of course, such bits need to be edited carefully, but this Skyrim video from YouTube user NormalDifficulty pulls …

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Nov 02

Grand Theft Auto V Shows Off Their New Trailer. (Finally)

The Gamer-Tech chat room has been abuzz recently, talking about Grand Theft Auto V. My fellow gamers and myself have been getting a bit impatient while waiting for new information to be released or, at the very least, a trailer showing some new information about the upcoming title. At any rate, Rockstar Games has finally …

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Sep 28

WesM Pimps Out A SNES As A PC Build Project

Ahhh, the Super NES. I’ve owned a couple of these over my days of gaming, and I STILL have one handy. Personally, some of my favorite game titles came out on this system (and the Genesis), and I still have a soft spot for consoles like this. I do play it occasionally, but really never …

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