Tag: Retro

Sep 26

Ataribox Will Run On Linux Using An AMD Chip, Cost $250+

Atari has released more details about their upcoming Ataribox game console, disclosing that the machine will run Linux on an AMD processor and cost between $250 to $300. The company will begin a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo this fall and launch the Ataribox sometime in the spring of 2018 with a large back catalog of …

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Apr 18

GameStop To Begin Buying And Selling Retro Games

Needing to get your retro fix? Wanting to go back in time and play some of those beloved 8-bit video games? Well, apparently GameStop has your fix. Their upcoming new pilot program is aimed at getting the classic titles into their stores, and you will be supplying them.

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Nov 05

After Burner II, OutRun And More Head To The Nintendo 3DS In Early 2015, Thanks To Sega 3D Classics

Fans of Sega’s classic retro arcade titles will likely be pretty excited in early 2015, as Sega has announced that it will release a second batch of their popular arcade titles for the Nintendo 3DS platform.

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Apr 16

Two Guys From Andromeda Return To Dominate Our Planet Once Again

The original creators of the adventure game series Space Quest have formed a new game studio, with the aim to develop a new sci-fi themed point-and-click adventure. Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, who were originally both programmers at Sierra On-Line, are probably best known for their creation of the Space Quest series, one of my …

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Sep 28

WesM Pimps Out A SNES As A PC Build Project

Ahhh, the Super NES. I’ve owned a couple of these over my days of gaming, and I STILL have one handy. Personally, some of my favorite game titles came out on this system (and the Genesis), and I still have a soft spot for consoles like this. I do play it occasionally, but really never …

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