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Aug 27

Secret of Mana Returns With A Remake In 2018

Secret of Mana, one of the most beloved RPGs of the 16-bit era, is returning in the form of an all-new remake. The game is planned for global release on various platforms, such as the PlayStation 4, Vita, and Steam, Square Enix announced recently.

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Apr 09

Ultratron Review (PlayStation 4)

Those of us old-schoolers who remember the Williams’ classic twin-stick shooter Robotron 2084 will likely find a familiar comfort with Curve Studios’ Ultratron, which takes that approach with its frenetic robot-zapping action. You play as the Ultratron, a robot programmed to get revenge for the dispatched human race against his own kind – a job …

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Nov 25

Shakedown Hawaii, The Follow-Up to Retro City Rampage, Is Heading Our Way

Retro City Rampage was a game that brought an interesting mixture of nostalgia for gaming of days gone by, combined with a healthy dose of modern open-world gaming ultra-violence. The 8-bit Grand Theft Auto-style adventure was released back in 2012 on the PC platform and eventually followed up with releases on most major platforms of …

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Jan 04

PlayStation Plus Free Games For January 2015

2015 has arrived, and with it, some new freebie games for owners of the various PlayStation platforms. Sony has officially released the list of free games for January for PlayStation Plus subscribers. There is a great mix of games for each of their three platforms with some of them available for the other platforms as …

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Apr 13

Gamer-Tech Reviews: The Pinball Arcade (Xbox Live Arcade)

As a pinball fanatic, I really enjoy it when I am out traveling and find an arcade with a good quality pinball table. There is really just something to be said about enjoying that classic slice of gaming days-gone-by. Unfortunately, with the downfall of the arcade scene in general, and pinball machines in particular, it …

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Feb 20

Gamer-Tech Reviews: Rayman Origins (Xbox 360)

Rayman Origins is one of those games you’ll either love or hate. Why? Because it harkens back to a time when platformer titles were charming and fun, but not necessarily overly flashy. But for an old-school gamer like myself, this title is right up my alley, especially since I tend to get nostalgic over old …

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Feb 14

Check Out The New PS Vita Commercial

With the advent of Sony’s newest handheld, the PS Vita, launching right around the corner on February 22nd, you HAD to know that the commercials would be coming. The funny thing about the whole situation is that I sometimes like the commercials for than the actual product itself. That speaks volumes for the effort these …

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