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Nov 29

Demon Souls Online Services Will Die in February

  If you’ve been a fan of the Souls series, then you know how hard the titles can be and how many times you can just DIE in the games. Although the newer Dark Souls trilogy titles are still killing players in new and aggravating ways, gamers still have a soft spot for one of …

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Apr 09

Ultratron Review (PlayStation 4)

Those of us old-schoolers who remember the Williams’ classic twin-stick shooter Robotron 2084 will likely find a familiar comfort with Curve Studios’ Ultratron, which takes that approach with its frenetic robot-zapping action. You play as the Ultratron, a robot programmed to get revenge for the dispatched human race against his own kind – a job …

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Feb 17

Opinion: BlackIce’s Top Ten Game Picks For The Last Generation Consoles

Now that we’re a bit of a ways into 2015, I’ve been thinking back about the last generation of consoles and some of the games I’ve played on them over the years. There’s been a lot of them quite honestly, and of course they run the gamut from great to WTF. 🙂 So I just …

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Jan 14

Retro Review: Midway Arcade Origins

When I was young and the arcades were still a THING, I would frequently head to the local one and pump WAY too many quarters into games from SNK, Atari, and Midway. For those people who are still nostalgic for those games of days gone by, Warner Brothers released a compilation for us that includes …

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Jan 04

PlayStation Plus Free Games For January 2015

2015 has arrived, and with it, some new freebie games for owners of the various PlayStation platforms. Sony has officially released the list of free games for January for PlayStation Plus subscribers. There is a great mix of games for each of their three platforms with some of them available for the other platforms as …

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Dec 05

EA, DICE, Put Future BF4 Expansion Development On Hold

Ahhh, Battlefield 4. While a decent game, many players have had to deal with the ongoing issues that plague all the different versions of the game. Patches have been delayed, and expansion content, such as the China Rising content have caused even more people for players to date, leaving some players unable to connect to …

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Nov 05

Titanfall To Remain An Xbox, PC Exclusive

If you were one of those gamers hoping that you might get a taste of towering mechs on the PlayStation 4, you might end up being a bit disappointed. Titanfall will apparently likely not find its way to a Sony platform, since publisher EA has stated that the game will remain exclusive to Xbox One, …

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Nov 05

Soul Calibur II Returns…This Time in HD

If you’re a fan of Soul Cailbur II, forget about those upcoming next-gen consoles, because November is all about some old school swordplay! 🙂 The awesome people over at Namco Bandai Games have announced that Soul Calibur II HD Online will come to the PlayStation Network on November 19th in North America, as well as …

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