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Oct 23

Tweaking Windows 8.1

The fine folks over at TweakHound have published a guide for tweaking Windows 8.1 for all of you people that there that might find this useful or have need for it.Here’s a little bit of a blurb from the guide introduction: “Windows 8 represents a major change in the way Microsoft thinks we use computers. …

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Jun 07

Nvidia Introduces Us To ‘A New Dawn’

When it comes to showing off some PC related eye-candy to friends, games can sometimes fit the bill, provided they take advantage of all that gaming hardware you’ve got. On the other hand, a tech demo that comes straight from the manufacturer of that tasty, brand new video card you just bought might work out …

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Dec 18

Remedy Finally Bringing Alan Wake To PC…Took Them Long Enough

Remedy recently announced their plans to finally bring their psychological thriller Alan Wake to the PC platform via Steam early next year. Remedy will also be including two pieces of downloadable content: The Signal and The Writer. Released in 2010 for the Xbox 360, Alan Wake is a Stephen King-inspired tale about a writer whose …

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Jun 24

Gamer-Tech Reviews: Dirt 3 (Xbox 360)

As a fan of rally racing in general, I always look forward to the latest games in the various series’ out there, such as Sega Rally or the Dirt series. Codemasters has been working on the Dirt series for a while now, incorporating new graphics technologies, such as DirectX 11 capabilities for the PC version …

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Mar 17

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Now Out of Beta and Available To Download

Microsoft has been working on Internet Explorer 9 for quite a while now. This can be considered to be both a good and bad thing, considering that MS and company has been steadily losing market share in the browser wars to newer competitors like the Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome web browsers. However, Microsoft is …

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Mar 04

Unigine Releases Updated Heaven 2.5 Benchmarking Suite

If you like tweaking your PC hardware (God knows I do!), and like to get a general idea of the results, then there is some good news. Unigine has released an updated version of their Heaven benchmark suite, now at version 2.5. This new version of the benchmark splits the program into two versions: The …

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Feb 16

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to Go Live on Feb 22nd!

There is a new post over at the Windows Team Blog, and that announcement is that the first service pack for Windows 7 is ready to go. Service Pack 1 will be available for download from Microsoft’s Download Center and Windows Update on 22nd of February. For the full service pack, it weighs in around …

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Dec 18

Here’s the new Crysis 2 trailer. Be the weapon, baby!

We all know that Crysis 2 is coming to the consoles and PC, around March 22nd, 2011, unless it ends up being delayed, of course. 🙂 At any rate, it is nice to be able to take a look at the gameplay and see how things stack up. Well, Crytek has released their new ‘Be …

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