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Nov 04

Nintendo Sells Two Million SNES Classic Minis In A Month

If you’ve been following retro gaming at all in recent years, you know that the nostalgic value of such items has really ramped up in past few years.

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Oct 04

Nintendo Unveils Save States And Display Modes For The NES Classic Edition

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition console will include three display modes and multiple save-game states for the games included in their upcoming super-tiny Classic Edition console.

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Jul 29

Nintendo Is Releasing Their Mini-NES, Complete With 30 Built-In Games

Nintendo is bringing back the NES with a vengeance. The company announced recently that it will be releasing what it’s dubbed the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition.

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Oct 19

The NES Turns 30 This Week In North America! Happy Birthday, NES!

Even though the Japanese version of the NES (aka the Nintendo Famicom) was released in Japan way back in 1983, the North American version of the console, the Nintendo Entertainment System. is now over 30 years old in the west.

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Jan 14

“New Nintendo 3DS XL” Launching In The US on February 13th For $200

The good folks at Nintendo have confirmed that the new version of the Nintendo 3DS XL will be heading into the hands of gamers on the go on February 13th. The news was made official at a Nintendo Direct presentation this morning, while also announcing a suggested retail price of $199.99.

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Nov 05

After Burner II, OutRun And More Head To The Nintendo 3DS In Early 2015, Thanks To Sega 3D Classics

Fans of Sega’s classic retro arcade titles will likely be pretty excited in early 2015, as Sega has announced that it will release a second batch of their popular arcade titles for the Nintendo 3DS platform.

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