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Jun 04

Welcome To The New Gamer-Tech Website!

Well folks, if you have noticed in recent days, my news and other random postings had slowed to a crawl just a bit. It wasn’t because I don’t love you guys, but I had been pondering about moving the blog to its own domain, as you can see here! Things are looking with with the …

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Feb 05

Gamer Dies In Internet Cafe, Pwns Himself.

A 23-year-old man died in an Internet cafe in New Taipei City (新北市) after getting his game on for 10 straight hours on Tuesday. The police stated yesterday that they were “shocked” to find complete disinterest from the other gamers in the cafe during their investigation. Chen Jung-yu (陳榮宥), who worked at Northern Taoyuan Cable …

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Nov 25

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Yeah, I know this post is a bit late. Meant to do it last night, but after eating Turkey Day dinner late (because of work), I passed out early. 🙂 At any rate, since we are in the holiday season, I was passed this webcomic from Aeiou in the chat room, and found it amusing …

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Jul 20

GoDaddy & Activision Give ModernWarfare3.com Owner A Big Thumbs Down

There’s been a fair amount of controversy lately over websites that are not affiliated with game companies, such as ModernWarfare3.com. If you’re not entirely up to speed on this, the owner of the URL caused Activision some headaches by having his website redirect all visitors to the Battlefield 3 website instead. Of course, while I …

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Jun 29

With Commodore Reviving The Amiga and C64, Would YOU Buy One?

No doubt about it, the Commodore line of computers back in the day evoke much nostalgia in me. I’ve owned a couple of Commodore 64s, as well as a few Amigas, such as the A500, A1000, and A2000. I cut most of my gaming teeth on these machines playing games such as Impossible Mission, M.U.L.E., …

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Jun 17

Original Xbox "Duke" Controller To Make An Appearance At PAX?

Before the Kinect and the Move, or even the current generation of game controllers, there was the king of the GIANT controllers, the original Xbox controller. People used to nickname this thing “The Duke”, and it shipped with the original Xbox models, until Microsoft heard the cries of the gaming public. Now, while I don’t …

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Jun 09

This Dude Brentalfloss Is Just Win. I Bow In Submission.

What if your classic video game credits had lyrics? Well, one YouTuber named Brentalfloss enlightens us with his infinite wisdom and some tunes. 🙂 Check it out the video and tell me if that doesn’t bring you back to the 1980’s. I know the video had my nodding in agreement. If that didn’t make you …

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May 26

Download The Portal 2 Soundtrack Free?

For those of you who like Portal 2, you can download the first (of three) free Portal 2 soundtracks here. There’s also a variety of ringtones available for your iPhone and Android phone. Hell yeah. 🙂 Always nice to get some freebie stuff, and considering how popular Portal 2 is at the moment, sounds pretty …

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