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Dec 06

Hyperkin Introduces The SupaBoy Handheld SNES Console

If you’re a fan of classic old school console gaming like myself, that you get a warm and tingly feeling when you see a decently implemented version of classic retro gaming hardware. For example, a company named Hyperkin has hooked us old school junkies up with a handheld which they dub the “Supa Sweet Handheld …

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Oct 19

PlayStation Vita Launching in North America on February 22nd!

Jack Trenton over at Sony Computer Entertainment America got around to announcing the release date for the PlayStation Vita handheld in North America recently. When’s it coming, you ask? February 22nd, 2012, to be exact. Mr. Trenton made the announcement at the Web 2.0 Summit, and later followed up with a press release as well. …

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Aug 26

Sony Introduces New PSP E-1000 Model In Europe @ 99 Euros

Things have been moving along for Sony lately. With the PS Vita upcoming, as well as a price drop on their existing PS3 units, Sony has been planning to introduce a cheaper update to the original PSP model as well. At least in Europe, anyways. The original rumor stated that Sony was planning on introducing …

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Aug 10

Nintendo 3DS To Get A "Flame Red" Color In September

Coming down the pipeline, alongside Nintendo’s recently announced $80 price cut, they’ve introduced a new color for the handheld. Launching around September 9th, the “Flame Red” model will be available alongside the Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue models. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime stated, “Nintendo 3DS is poised to be on fire for the …

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Jul 31

PS Vita Dev Comments Vita Ram Halved. Sony Denies…

Rumors had swirled around the web that the new Sony handheld, the PS Vita had gone through a memory cut. It was initially believed that the handheld would have 512MB of ram, but apparently some commentary from PSP developer studio Novarama had stated that Sony has allegedly cut the amount of ram down to 256MB. …

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Jul 29

Nintendo Taking A Loss on Every 3DS Sold

Nintendo announced yesterday that they will be cutting the price of their new 3DS handheld on August 12th, from the original price of $249.99, down to a much more palatable $169.99. At an Osaka press conference, Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata stated that he felt the price cut was a justified one. He also noted that, …

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Jul 24

"Star Wars" Themed Xbox 360 Bundle Coming This Holiday From Microsoft

Well, apparently Microsoft has decided that there aren’t enough themed Xbox 360’s out there in the world already. 🙂 Team 360 is planning on releasing another Xbox bundle for the upcoming holidays, this time it is one with a Star Wars theme, celebrating the upcoming release of the Kinect Star Wars title. I’m curious if …

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Apr 26

Gamestop No Longer Stocking the Nintendo DS Lite?

GameStop has put the word out today that they will no longer be stocking the Nintendo DS Lite. This was to be expected, I suppose, since the advent of the Nintendo 3DS. GameStop, of course, wishes to push the new model, as indicated by their recent trade in program airing on TV. A spokesperson for …

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