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Feb 24

Jet Grind Radio Is Coming To XBLA And PSN. Rejoice!

All I can say Sega is thank you. Truly. Thank you from the bottom of my gaming heart. You had me at “Jet”, or maybe “Grind.” Perhaps “Radio?” At any rate, Sega has dropped the not-so-subtle hint that they’re going to be releasing the old school Dreamcast title Jet Grind (or Set) Radio in the …

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Feb 23

Check Out The Borderlands 2 Launch Date Trailer

After enjoying the original Borderlands title pretty thoroughly, I was certainly looking forward to seeing if Gearbox was going to get themselves together for a sequel. Well, that wait has come and gone, with the Gearbox folks pumping out this trailer showing off a bit of a tease of the upcoming title. Even though we’ll …

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Jan 24

New Darksiders 2 Trailer Detailing More On Death’s History

If you’ve been following along on Gamer-Tech, you’re probably aware that we’re fans of the original Darksiders title, and certainly are looking forward to the upcoming sequel. If you’re not familiar with the series, the original Darksiders title had players assuming the mantle of the horseman “War”, in an attempt to discern why the apocalypse …

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Nov 02

Grand Theft Auto V Shows Off Their New Trailer. (Finally)

The Gamer-Tech chat room has been abuzz recently, talking about Grand Theft Auto V. My fellow gamers and myself have been getting a bit impatient while waiting for new information to be released or, at the very least, a trailer showing some new information about the upcoming title. At any rate, Rockstar Games has finally …

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Sep 22

Soul Calibur 5 Shows Off New Characters In Latest Trailer

Ahhh, Soul Calibur. It is one of my favorite, flashy fighting games. Honestly, there is great debate around teh intarwebz about whether people should love or hate the series. You guys and gals know what I mean…The usual button masher vs. deep technical fighter debate. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, suffice …

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Sep 01

The Latest Gears of War 3 Trailer Is Out! Let’s Take A Look!

If you’re a fan of the Gears of War series like me, then you’re looking forward to the upcoming Gears 3 title coming in September. Well, while you are waiting for the game to launch, you can always take a look at the trailer that released on Aug. 31st. Here’s the game trailer that will …

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Aug 18

NCSoft announces WildStar MMO, shows off trailer…

At Gamescom in Germany, MMO publisher NCSoft demoed a trailer for their upcoming MMO WildStar. The game itself takes place in a sci-fi type universe, which is certainly a departure from NCSoft’s usual classic fantasy or superheroes fare. However, it looks to be somewhat interesting so far, especially in light of the fact that the …

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Jul 21

Take A Peek At The Darksiders II Extended Trailer…

THQ has released the extended trailer for Darksiders II, letting us take a look at the new protagonist, Death, and his pimped out horse. Personally, I am very much looking forward to this title, as I enjoyed the first Darksiders title from Vigil Games. I’m hoping the second title lives up to the first, and …

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