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May 08

Diablo III patch 1.08 has gone live, and brings some co-op enhancements

Another day, another patch from the folks at Blizzard. This time out, Blizzard has released the new 1.0.8 update for Diablo III for the general public’s consumption. This patch, as Blizz has mentioned, is more multiplayer-centric, bringing such co-op enhancements as Magic and Gold find bonuses for having more players, as well as notifications for …

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Jul 03

Blizzard Denies Banning Diablo 3 Players For Using Linux and WINE

So, the rumor mill is currently abuzz that Blizzard is attempting to make the effort to gloss over the reports that the company is banning Diablo 3 players who use third-party software to play on Linux. Apparently, the affected users are claiming that they were not running any bots or exploits when using the alternative …

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Jun 13

Here Comes the Diablo 3 Banhammer For Hacking And Botting

Blizzard has a history of NOT tolerating cheating players in their games, and this of course, would include hackers and botters as well. To make this point blatantly clear, Blizzard has stated today that it has suspended or banned thousands of Diablo 3 accounts suspected of taking unfair advantage in the game or exploiting loopholes …

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Mar 15

Diablo III May 15th Release Date Confirmed

Well folks, it is official. Blizzard, the game studio behind the much-anticipated title Diablo III, has finally confirmed that the upcoming title will arrive for PC gamers on May 15th, 2012. Diablo III will be priced at $59.99, while if you want the Collector’s Edition, that will weigh in at $99.99. Purchasers of the Collector’s …

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Jan 11

Diablo 3 Is Heading To A Console Near You!

Well all, it looks like Diablo 3 will most likely be coming soon to a video game console near you, courtesy of the folks at Blizzard. With the rumors of a console version of the much-anticipated Diablo 3 swirling around on the internet for quite a while now, it is good to hear some potentially …

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Oct 23

Get Diablo III For Free With WoW Annual Pass

Nothing lasts forever, as indicated by Blizzard’s seven year old MMO, World of Warcraft. Recent subscription numbers have indicated lately that interest in the game might be slipping somewhat. However, that does not mean that Blizzard won’t make an effort to keep player interest high. Following up the announcement of the latest expansion pack, dubbed …

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Aug 19

Diablo 3 Lead Designer Sparks Rumors About D3 On Consoles

When it comes to Blizzard and their games, they tend to play things somewhat close to the vest. Honestly, you can never know if rumors around the net concerning them can be dismissed as truth or folly. However, at Gamescom this week, lead designer Josh Mosqueira stated that Blizz “is very, very serious about bringing …

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