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Apr 30

Grand Theft Auto V: Introducing Michael, Franklin, And Trevor

Here come the GTA V Trailers! 🙂 Rockstar would like to take a few minutes to introduce you to the three main protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 5: Michael, Franklin and Trevor. The video is age restricted and might, just MIGHT contain some content that is NSFW. 🙂

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Apr 29

Monaco XBLA Delayed…Bug Halfway Fixed, Another Patch Off To Microsoft This Week

Monaco was supposed to hit Xbox Live Arcade on April 24th alongside the PC version, but one day before the launch, an issue has forced developer Andy Schatz and Pocketwatch Games to delay the XBLA release for just a bit longer. However, Schatz explains that he submitted a fix for the bug, but it’ll need …

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Apr 10

Batman: Arkham Origins Revealed, Releasing October 25th

Time Warner had stated in the past that a new Batman Arkham game was coming sometime in 2013, and apparently they now feel that the wait is over. Batman: Arkham Origins has been revealed and is being developed by the fine folks over at Warner Bros Games Montreal. The title will be heading to various …

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Apr 09

Hilarious “Star Trek: The Video Game” Trailer

William Shatner has brought himself out of retirement long enough to take on his old nemesis, the Gorn, in the promo trailer spoofing their respective roles. Apparently 50 years have slowed them down, just a LITTLE bit. Take a look at the trailer and have a good laugh for yourselves. 🙂

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Apr 09

Rock Band Loses Metallica Tunes As Licenses Expire

If you are one of those fans of Rock Band as well as Metallica, and had planned to jump onto the RB Music Store planning to make a purchase, you might be in for a shock. “Ride the Lightning” as well as “Blackened” and “And Justice for All” were a group of songs that made …

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Jun 18

Max Payne 3 sells 440K in debut month, still a “flop.” What?

Well… Rockstar has some good news and some bad news. First the good news: Max Payne 3 managed to tie up the number two spot in the NPD numbers game last month. However, the bad news is that the actual sales figures suggest that Rockstar’s latest titles isn’t selling up to expectations. According to NPD …

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Jun 06

Best Buy And GameStop Can Sell Microsoft’s $99 Xbox 360

Roughly a month ago, Microsoft proceeded to start offering a deal to customers of their brick-and-mortar locations: Pay $99 for a 4GB Xbox 360 with a Kinect sensor, if you can swallow a two-year service contract for Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold at $15 per month. Today, Microsoft announced that Best Buy stores in the US, …

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Jun 04

Battlefield 3 Premium Gets Announced, PS3 Players Get Two Weeks of Exclusive DLC.

Well, fans that have been clamoring for Battlefield 3‘s “Premium” membership officially had their appetites sated a little bit this morning by EA when they revealed some info about the service (coming from an exclusive piece from the folks at Reuters), and it does confirm quite a few of the details that have been making …

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