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Apr 04

Next Xbox Might Get Two GPUs And A Hexacore CPU?

With the rumor mill stirring with discussions of when the next Xbox will launch, it is expected that potential specs of the next system might come out. The latest wave of posts discuss the features of the upcoming console, which could include a dual-GPU setup, similar to two AMD 7000-series graphics processors. The interesting that …

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Dec 10

Xbox 360 Sells 1.7 Million Units In November…Sony And Nintendo Have Good Month, Too. :)

I’ll say one thing for the current console market: Things may be taking a turn for the better, at least as far as sales of hardware and software go. Microsoft is certainly smiling at the moment, as they have sold 1.7 million units of hardware during the month of November in the United States, according …

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Dec 06

Hyperkin Introduces The SupaBoy Handheld SNES Console

If you’re a fan of classic old school console gaming like myself, that you get a warm and tingly feeling when you see a decently implemented version of classic retro gaming hardware. For example, a company named Hyperkin has hooked us old school junkies up with a handheld which they dub the “Supa Sweet Handheld …

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Dec 05

New Metro Based Xbox 360 Dashboard Launches Tomorrow (December 6th, 2011)

If you’ve been keeping your ears open lately concerning Xbox 360 updates, then some of you folks will be aware of the new dashboard update that will be launching on December 6th. Of course, Kinect is still a central portion of the update, continuing to provide a way for users to speak naturally to have …

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Nov 16

The Original Xbox Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary

Wow. Has it really been 10 years since the original Xbox launched already? Ten years ago today, Microsoft released the original Xbox on the gaming scene, and the system launched with a bang. Microsoft shipped 100,000 systems to retailers in the first week on launch, and managed to sell 1.5 million of them by the …

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Jul 06

Will We Be Seeing the PlayStation 4 in 2012? Rumors Say Possibly…

With SCEA president Jack Tretton stating last month that the PlayStation 3 was “just hitting its stride”, the general idea was that we would not see any next-generation hardware from Sony until 2014-2015. However, a report out of the Asian information tech site Digitimes is claiming that Sony will start production of the next-generation PlayStation …

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Jun 17

Original Xbox "Duke" Controller To Make An Appearance At PAX?

Before the Kinect and the Move, or even the current generation of game controllers, there was the king of the GIANT controllers, the original Xbox controller. People used to nickname this thing “The Duke”, and it shipped with the original Xbox models, until Microsoft heard the cries of the gaming public. Now, while I don’t …

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Jun 06

Power-A Making The "Batarang" Controller For Consoles. Hmmmmm.

The Power-A company is apparently Batman fans, as they have announced some funky looking 360 and PS3 controllers to show off at E3. Apparenly, with the next Batman title, dubbed Arkham City heading to the gaming public this fall, these controllers are for those people that want that little bit extra and are Batman fans. …

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