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Nov 17

No More WoW Subscriber Numbers?

The folks over at Activision Blizzard have recently stated that they will no longer announce subscriber counts for World of Warcraft, their subscription MMORPG.

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Nov 17

Here’s The World Of Warcraft: Legion Opening Cinematic!

The next expansion pack for World of Warcraft, dubbed Legion is still a long ways off, coming around September 2016. However, that hasn’t stopped Blizzard from releasing the titles opening cinematic though, and so far things look pretty interesting. And of course, quite pretty. 🙂

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Nov 09

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void Details Revealed

In case you folks missed it, StarCraft II lead designer Dustin Browder revealed a first trailer and look at StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void for at BlizzCon 2014. Being released as a stand-alone game, Legacy of the Void looks to conclude the StarCraft II trilogy in a big way. The Protoss have gathered up …

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May 10

World of Warcraft loses more subscribers, 1.3 million this time

With free-to-play titles becoming more and more mainstream, the MMO market has been subject to slow changes over recent years, and even Blizzard’s juggernaut of an MMO is immune to these effects. At its height of popularity, World of Warcraft had boasted a subscriber count of over 10 million players. The numbers began heading downward …

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May 08

Diablo III patch 1.08 has gone live, and brings some co-op enhancements

Another day, another patch from the folks at Blizzard. This time out, Blizzard has released the new 1.0.8 update for Diablo III for the general public’s consumption. This patch, as Blizz has mentioned, is more multiplayer-centric, bringing such co-op enhancements as Magic and Gold find bonuses for having more players, as well as notifications for …

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Jan 22

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Opening Cinematic Trailer

Well folks, we’re a bit into 2013 here, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention any information about one of my favorite games getting an upcoming release. Of course, I’m talking about Starcraft II. 🙂

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Oct 07

Hacker With A Level 1 Character Turns WoW Into Carnage

Wow, this is just some crazy stuff. Apparently, this level 1 character is one of a few hackers who discovered a bug or an exploit that allowed them to fly about World of Warcraft slaughtering everyone, insta-kill style. The plague broke out this weekend on multiple servers, and was seen in Stormwind, the Alliance capital.

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Jul 03

Blizzard Denies Banning Diablo 3 Players For Using Linux and WINE

So, the rumor mill is currently abuzz that Blizzard is attempting to make the effort to gloss over the reports that the company is banning Diablo 3 players who use third-party software to play on Linux. Apparently, the affected users are claiming that they were not running any bots or exploits when using the alternative …

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