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Jan 25

AMD And Nvidia Business Impacted, Due To HDD Shortages

During the summer months of 2011, Thailand suffered from a serious flood that put a big hurt on HDD production and still continues to affect the business today. Prices of had drives have skyrocketed, and of course, there was serious concern about being able to meet the demands of business partners and consumers who were …

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Dec 27

AMD Radeon HD 7950 Specs Leaked

With all the various reviews on the soft-launched Radeon HD 7970 available out there, it goes without saying that the hardware is beastly. But with the $500+ price tag, many people are curious about slightly less high-end models. After all, if you can get 90% of the performance at a much lower price, things can …

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Dec 01

AMD Introduces Branded Desktop Memory

If you’re an AMD hardware fan, then here is a bit of good news for you people. AMD is partnering with Patriot Memory and VisionTek Products to offer AMD-branded memory products to the general public. AMD’s new line of branded RAM is designed to make decisions about which memory to use with your AMD or …

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Nov 20

AMD Releases the 11.11 Catalyst Driver Package

Well folks, the hard working people over at AMD have released their 11.11 Catalyst driver package, with this release coming less than three weeks after last month’s 11.10 release. Of course there’s the usual support for operating systems such as 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7, Windows Vista desktops and laptops and Windows XP desktops. These …

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Nov 20

AMD Makes Some Pricing Changes, Introduces A New Athlon II X4 Model

In addition to its new Opteron chips, AMD recently has announced a some small changes to their processor line-up, including some pricing changes for several of their Llano-based APUs, as well as one of their socket AM3+ FX-series processors. AMD also introduced a new, faster GPU-less Athlon II for Socket FM1 boards as well.This new …

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Sep 30

AMD Releases Catalyst 11.9 Drivers

Hey folks. Another month has passed, and AMD has graced us with another Catalyst driver release. After following up the release of the Catalyst 11.10 beta driver package yesterday, AMD has graced us with the final version of the 11.9 package for Windows XP, Vista, and 7. As per the usual lately, the driver package …

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May 01

Nvidia Licenses SLI For New AMD Motherboards

With AMD and NVIDIA being bitter rivals for so long, you would expect to never see official SLI support for an AMD motherboard. Well, even the most fiercest competitors can somewhat kiss and make up, I guess. NVIDIA has announced that they are going to license out SLI technology for AMD CPUs. Of course, NVIDIA …

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Apr 28

AMD releases their newest Catalyst drivers, version 11.4

Well, another month comes and goes, and of course, there’s a new set of Catalyst drivers out there to check out. There’s been a few minor modifications, such as changes to the Catalyst Control Center’s Display Management controls. These are meant to simply the configuration of displays and their settings. AMD also added a new …

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