Jun 10

Gamer-Tech Weekend Open Thread!


Got something interesting going on? New hardware? Software? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

Jun 09

AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Version 17.6.1 Now Available

It’s that time again, folks. Yet another version of AMD’s Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition driver has been made available to the public.
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Jun 09

Payday 2 Now Available For Free On Steam

With Payday 2 getting an upcoming “Ultimate Edition” release soon, all the current DLC for the game has been removed from the Steam store. But fret not, they’re giving away 5 million copies of the base game on Steam for free.

While I personally didn’t get into this game too much, especially in light of all the other games I’ve got in my Steam backlog. However, it does seem like a fun game to play with your friends. And hell, you can’t beat free. 🙂

“This copy won’t allow you to download the many DLC packs that have been released over the years. That’s because these are no longer up for sale as Overkill prepares to launch Payday 2: Ultimate Edition on PC. This packages the base game with all of the DLC released to date. Future updates released for the game will be free.”

At any rate, be sure and grab a copy of this before they run out, if you’re interested in seeing what the game is about.

Jun 09

Samsung Unveils $1,500 49″ HDR Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor

With gaming monitors seeming to be trending towards ever wider displays, Samsung has gone and unveiled the C49HG90; a new 49″ HDR ultra-wide gaming monitor
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May 10

Amazon Cuts Free Shipping Minimum Down To $25

I don’t know about you folks out there, but with Amazon knocking its Free Shipping Level down to $25, it’ll certainly entice me to order more products online and save time wandering around my excessively busy Wal-Mart looking to pick up those little items that I always seem to need. Competition is always a good thing, and I’m glad to see it occasionally trickle down into helping the consumer out there.

Amazon already offers free two-day shipping under its $99 Prime membership program but the new offer is aimed at encouraging more customers to shop on its platform.


May 10

New ‘Need For Speed’ Title Coming This Year

Back in March of 2016 (or towards the end of 2015 for those console folks), Ghost Games released Need for Speed, a full reboot of the popular racing franchise. Since that time, the studio has started work on yet another installment in the venerable series, and it decided to let a few details out of the bag in a blog post.
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Mar 23

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Mouse Review

If you’re in the market for gaming peripherals, most likely you’re at least familiar with Razer and their line of products.
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Feb 07

Fallout 4’s High-Resolution Texture Pack Comes To PC

For those who are interested, Fallout 4’s high-resolution PC texture pack has landed on Steam. You can grab it right here (via NeoGAF). But be forewarned, this texture pack is a hefty download, weighing in at 58 GB of hard drive space.
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