Join other people who are gaming fans in our Gamer-Tech chat room or watch us live stream games on our Twitch feed! Everyone is welcome, and we hope you enjoy your time with us!
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This is a Java-based IRC chat client that can be used to connect you to the #Gamer-Tech IRC channel on the Geekshed IRC network. If you wish, you may use your own IRC client, such as mIRC or KVirc to join us!

When you have an IRC client installed, point it to the Geekshed IRC network. Here’s the info…


Port: 6667

Channel: #Gamer-Tech

If you need help in registering a nickname for use on Geekshed, point your browser over to here: Geekshed nickname registration

Please keep a some basic rules in mind while visiting the chat room:


  • No racism, sexism, discrimination, homophobia, or hate speech is allowed in the chat room against other chat room members or the staff. Be civil, peoples. It’s not hard.
  • No history, politics, conspiracy theories or religion (including 9/11 and nazi spam)
  • Links are allowed, provided they are RELEVANT to the chat room.
  • Do not encourage others to spam.
  • No Custom bots that post in chat or whisper.
  • No excessive ASCII or copypasta spam. Love ASCII art, but let’s keep it reasonable, people. 🙂
  • Adult language is fine, provided it’s not excessive or spammy. Act like an adult.