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Jan 27

Malwarebytes Update Released To Fix High CPU & Memory Usage In Mbamservice.exe

An update pushed by Malwarebytes today for their Malwarebytes Anti-Malware product has caused a lot of problems for those who use their program. This new protection update caused mbamservice.exe to consume a lot of memory and upwards to 90% of the computer’s CPU. A new update has been pushed that resolves these issues.

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Dec 26

Gamer-Tech’s Best Game Picks of 2017

2017 has been an interesting year of gaming for me. All sorts of new hardware and software has been released this year. Unfortunately, my from my own point of view, most of the hardware has lacked that ooooh and ahhh factor that makes much of it a must buy.

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Dec 25

Happy Holidays From Us At Gamer-Tech To All Of You!

From all of us here at the Gamer-Tech family, to all of you all out there around the world, we hope you’re having a great holiday season! Spend time with family, overeat lots of unhealthy food, enjoy your gifts, and generally get some smiles on those faces! With that being said, make sure that you’re …

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May 10

Amazon Cuts Free Shipping Minimum Down To $25

I don’t know about you folks out there, but with Amazon knocking its Free Shipping Level down to $25, it’ll certainly entice me to order more products online and save time wandering around my excessively busy Wal-Mart looking to pick up those little items that I always seem to need. Competition is always a good …

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Jan 30

Peace Out, “Six Strikes” Copyright Alert System

Roughly four years ago, some of the nation’s leading Internet Service Providers worked in conjunction with the Motion Picture Association of America, the Recording Industry Association of America, and the White House to roll out what they dubbed the Copyright Alert System.

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Dec 24

Happy Holidays From Us To You

Everyone here at wishes you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. We hope you all survived yet another crazy holiday season. 🙂 Did you get some interesting things from Santa? Let us know in the comment section below or in the Gamer-Tech discussion forums!

Oct 31

Happy Halloween, PC Gamers! :)

It’s Halloween Time! Time for spooks, scares, and lots of candy! And of course, time to torture a PC gamer’s love of everything high framerate? 🙂 In all seriousness, be careful out there tonight and have fun, people.

Aug 06

Weekend Open Discussion Thread!

  It’s the weekend again, folks! Time to spit out some thoughts in the weekend open thread! Did you get some new games? New hardware? Just out enjoying the weather? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!  

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