Jan 27

Malwarebytes Update Released To Fix High CPU & Memory Usage In Mbamservice.exe

An update pushed by Malwarebytes today for their Malwarebytes Anti-Malware product has caused a lot of problems for those who use their program. This new protection update caused mbamservice.exe to consume a lot of memory and upwards to 90% of the computer’s CPU. A new update has been pushed that resolves these issues.

MBAM making that CPU WORK and eating up all your RAMz. 🙂

First reported in the Malwarebytes forums, numerous people have been complaining today about mbamservice.exe eating up rather large amounts of memory and making their CPUs spike at over 90% usage. This has caused some computers to crash or become too unstable to use.

In a post to their forums, Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski explained that a bad protection update caused these problems and that a new update had just been released that fixes these problems.

Information about the new Malwarebytes Update

To resolve these issues simply start MBAM and run a check for new updates. The program will automatically download the new update and install it. If your computer is unresponsive, you can either terminate the mbamservice.exe process in task manager and then restart Malwarebytes in order to try and download the new update again. Of course, if that does not work, you can always try and uninstall MBAM and reinstall it.

Once the update is installed, your computer hopefully should no longer be having problems and mbamservice.exe should be using the appropriate amount of resources again.

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