Nov 29

Demon Souls Online Services Will Die in February


If you’ve been a fan of the Souls series, then you know how hard the titles can be and how many times you can just DIE in the games. Although the newer Dark Souls trilogy titles are still killing players in new and aggravating ways, gamers still have a soft spot for one of the classics: the original PlayStaion 3 exclusive Demon’s Souls. Unfortunately, that will be coming to an end soon, with the online services for the 2008 adventure reaching their end of life coming up next year.

“It’s with mixed emotions we say goodbye to the service. Countless players have enjoyed Demon’s Souls and the functionality it introduced to players when such things were rarer. If you’ve played the game then you understand the feeling of dying multiple times in the span of 10 minutes or dealing with a boss fight so difficult that it took you a week just to figure out the best way to attack. The unforgiving nature of the game has provided countless enjoyable moments of frustration and anger, but also the elation felt from beating something so challenging. This difficulty and grit helped pave the way for even more punishing games such as its spiritual successor Dark Souls, the 2017 hit Nioh, and the landmark PS4 title, Bloodborne.”

In that regard, the game won’t be going anywhere, since you’ll still be able to play Demon’s Souls’ offline game modes. But players will no longer be able to do things such as find other players as shades or search for player death locations. There are still plenty of ways to die in Demon’s Souls, but you’ll be doing it all alone in the near future.

If you’re just coming into the game, enjoy the online servers while you can, because you’ve only got 3 months to do so. Enjoy them until February 28th. Enjoy THEM. DO IT. 🙂