Nov 04

Nintendo Sells Two Million SNES Classic Minis In A Month

If you’ve been following retro gaming at all in recent years, you know that the nostalgic value of such items has really ramped up in past few years.

Even Nintendo has gotten themselves involved with such things, releasing virtual console versions of their back catalogue and more recently releasing the NES Classic Mini. Unfortunately for many, the lack of availability was a problem for the NES Classic Mini, upsetting many potential consumers would could not find one at retail and many refused to pay the ridiculous scalper prices on eBay. Thankfully, the recently released SNES Classic mini isn’t having any of THOSE problems,  moving roughly two million units in a month.

A bit before launch, many feared that the SNES mini would suffer the same frustrating supply issues as the NES mini had and drive people to pay hiked up prices to resellers. Nintendo released a statement attempting to calm the public, stating that that the supply of the mini consoles would be much better this time around. At this point, it DOES seem that Nintendo is making an honest effort to care of business and make sure that any consumer who want a SNES Classic gets one.

Nintendo gaming goodness that fits in the palm of your hand. 🙂

Eurogamer has reported recently that the console has sold two million units worldwide with nearly 370k of those being sold in just half a week in Japan. The retro console comes with 21 games including the unreleased Star Fox 2, which is a nice touch. Personally, I would wish that there were more games on the unit by default, because there are certainly many other titles that people might have wanted to see on the unit.

Regardless, it’s certainly a device that nostalgic gamers might consider taking a look at, and with availability still seeming to be decent (until well, you know, Black Friday,) things seem to be looking well for the device. Perhaps Nintendo would decide to make a SNES Classic Mini 2 with a different batch of games? 🙂