Jun 09

Samsung Unveils $1,500 49″ HDR Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor

With gaming monitors seeming to be trending towards ever wider displays, Samsung has gone and unveiled the C49HG90; a new 49″ HDR ultra-wide gaming monitor

This particular monitor comes with a 3,840 x 1,080 resolution, 1ms response time, a 144Hz refresh rate, a mind-boggling 32:9 aspect ratio and also AMD’s FreeSync 2, just for some extra icing on the cake.

The price on this monster VA panel has been set at $1,500 which seems a bit excessive, although I’m sure the hardcore enthusiasts will snap them up. Personally, I’d love to grab one of these screens once the pricing gets down to a bit more reasonable level. 🙂

Samsung also announced similar smaller monitors in their new lineup without HDR. The 27″ C27HG70 and 32″ C32HG70 are also VA type panels with the same 1ms response time as its larger brothers. Both screens have resolutions of 2560×1440 and also feature FreeSync 2.

Thanks for the tip goes out to chatroom member locust.