Dec 15

Rogue Legacy Patch Brings The Pain With New Bosses, Traits

rogue-legacyIf you’re a fan of the rogue-“lite” title Rogue Legacy like myself, then you’ll be looking forward to the upcoming patch coming soon to a platform near you. 🙂

The upcoming patch 1.2, which should be going live any time day now will bring a slew of new features to the table, such as:

  • Five new boss remixes. “These battles will be true tests of skills, and should be available to people at all parts of the game. These are not casual battles, and only the best will succeed.”
  • Another class
  • Three new traits
  • The pool of possible maps has been increased by 10 percent
  • Extra achievements
  • Balance tweaks and improvements to the game logic.
  • “Also the Haggle skill will now actually be useful.”

I’m liking what I’m seeing here. Of course, it won’t help me die less in the game, but extra content, such as traits, classes, and achievements are ALWAYS nice. 🙂


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